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The right way to lease or rent elite real estate in Moscow

It would seem what can be easier, than to lease or rent the elite apartment in Moscow. Actually openness of lease/rent is deceptive. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unfair players at the market. Only the company specializing in this segment, the renting of elite dwelling, will help you to avoid meeting with such people, and also to keep your time, money and peace of mind.

Why should you address the specialists of the elite real estate renting market?

- We will carry out a full range of works on object preparation for placement in advertising sources (we will organize high-quality photographing which in the best way will present your object; we will make the detailed description of your real estate; we will make the perspective media plan and exhibit your object at the best advertising platforms).

- We will organize object viewings to prospective buyers. If, for any reason, the owner doesn’t want to be present on viewings, our brokers will take case about it.

- Using the huge agent base we will find a suitable tenant as soon as possible. We will also undertake the achievement of all arrangements on features of rent, including, whether it is possible to smoke in the apartment, what pets can be brought in, etc.

- If you decided to lease the elite apartment to the foreigner, but you don't know the foreign language, we will ensure all interaction between the parties, and we will also provide necessary translation services throughout the whole period of validity of the rental agreement.

- If you decided to lease the elite apartment in Moscow, it is necessary to make a correctly property inventory. We will consider all nuances of your real estate and will correctly describe the apartment condition at the moment of renting, available furniture, equipment and special interior design items.

- Very important stage is the back transfer of elite real estate. There are many disputes, especially after long-term renting of the elite apartment. Which attritions, scratches should be considered as natural wear, and which one is property damage? For the peaceful regulation of this issue we are ready to act as a referee, and if necessary to call appraisers and to carry out an independent examination.

- Besides the rental agreement we guarantee the correct drawing up of the agreement to terminate contractual relationship, if needed, as well as the act of back transfer and acceptance of the apartment upon the expiry of the rental agreement term.

- Both in a case with the damage or wear of real estate, and in any other disputable cases with the tenant, we will assume all negative interaction.

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