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The right way to lease or rent elite real estate in Moscow

It would seem what can be easier, than to lease or rent the elite apartment in Moscow. Actually openness of lease/rent is deceptive. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of unfair players at the market. Only the company specializing in this segment, the renting of elite dwelling, will help you to avoid meeting with such people, and also to keep your time, money and peace of mind.

Why should you address the specialists of the elite real estate renting market?

- Our brokers will pick up and will carry out primary collection of information about all suitable apartments, will build up a route of viewings in the most convenient way for you.

- If you live in another city or abroad and don’t know Moscow well, we will organize a look-tour for you. It means that we will show you all districts of the Russian capital, tell about features of each of them, show the houses located in them and elite apartments that are ready for renting.

- We will provide full legal support. If it is necessary we will order an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights, check the apartment documents, receive consent from all the owners for leasing the elite apartment in Moscow.

- Rental agreements, downloaded from the Internet, are the samples which you can rely upon but some of them must be improved. Otherwise the agreement won't be able to protect the human rights of the person who decided to lease or rent elite flat, house, apartments, penthouse or mansion. Only the specialized agency will help you to make an agreement which will contain all nuances of the concrete premises, the owner and the tenant, protect the interests of both parties.

- If you don’t like the apartment in the first days of accommodation, we guarantee that we will choose you a new dwelling free of charge. If the reasons for disappointment appeared within half a year renting, we will give the discount for searching of a new object.

- We will call the master and provide necessary support in case of the equipment is broken-down or a pipe has been burst during the tenant-foreigner renting.

- Often the parties can start an argument on different issues: how money will be transferred, whether the tenant has the right to have a pet, etc. In any dispute we are ready to act as a referee, having assumed all negative interaction. Few people wonder, but lack of negative experience of communication is a very important aspect in relationship of the tenant and the owner.

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